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EAST COAST SWING DANCING IN Sherman Oaks CA - East Coast Swing dance lessons



This dance is frequently referred to as Triple Step swing due to the rhythm of the basic triple step. This dance consists of six and eight count patterns, which require a rock step back by both man and woman to begin. It is a circular dance that is danced with a bounce and is very grounded and not high in the legs. This bounce requires the dancer to stay very smooth and not jump around much. East Coast swing is the base for all swing dances.



The East Coast swing gained acceptance with DJ Allan Freed in some of his Rock and Roll movie's of the 1950s, as the famed swing choreographer Dean Collins was not available (Putting it nicely) to Freed's movies. In the middle of the 1950s, the associations again tried to resell the public on an old dance, by identifying Swing as "Rock and Roll" dancing. This new term flustered the public and was soon abandoned, but it again helped open the door for East Coast Swing to spread. During the late 1950's, it would be known as Eastern Swing.

The dance is extremely easier to learn than the original forms such as Shag, Lindy, West Coast. It teaches the essential swing rhythm (doubles and triplets) in a simplistic form. It can be learned in a few lessons. can be easily taught at weddings etc. to dancers who have never danced who will have a lot of fun doing it. In addition, it is a lot of fun to do due to its simplicity.


For more information about East Coast Swing dance lessons in Sherman Oaks CA or to schedule free East Coast Swing dance lessons in Sherman Oaks CA, call (916) 607-0852

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