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PASO DOBLE DANCING IN Sherman Oaks CA - Paso Doble dance lessons



The Paso Doble is a theatrical Spanish dance that characterizes the man as the matador and the lady as his cape. Based on Flamenco dancing, the character of the dance is arrogant and passionate. Paso Doble translates to "Double Step".



Spanish bullfighting goes all the way back to Crete, and could have Greek and/or Syrian origins but is reported to not have come to Spain till the 1700's. France had an infantry march named "Pas redoublé" around 1790. The name Paso Doble (pass -o- dough blay) is a Spanish folk dance which means "Two Steps" and is done to 2/4 time "Spanish March" music which was originally used for the procession at the beginning of corridas. Andalusans were extremely fond of this music during the 18th century.

Sometimes referred to as the Spanish One-step, the "Paso" as it is affectionately known is a dance of the Bullfight which portrays the Toreador (Bullfighter) and his partner is the cape (Cappa or capa). The Paso Doble dance became quite popular during the 1920s and later became the rage in Paris with the upper classes around the 1930's (which explains the many French terms used in the dance).

The dance is a very masculine Theatrical Ballroom type couples dance in nature with many dramatic poses, Leaps, Stomps and much attitude. The dance was created to mimic the movements of the Toreador and the Bullfight. It has roots in the Spanish Flamenco dances as well. It is really not a social dance as much as a competition of exhibition dance. The Paso doble flamenco is the same but uses castanets and is not done in the ballroom.


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