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QUICKSTEP DANCING IN Sherman Oaks CA - Quickstep dance lessons



As the name implies, the Quickstep is a very quick and lively dance, comprised of hops, skips and kicks. The dance began as a quick version of Foxtrot mixed with the Charleston, and musical “Jazz” influences.



The Quickstep was originally a march which became popular about 1850. It was mainly used to celebrate Presidents, Military, Exhibitions, Regiments, Heroes etc. It was basically used as a type of propaganda and morale music as well.

Todays Ballroom Quickstep when mixed with the Charleston was originally known as the Fast Foxtrot, however when the Fast Foxtrot was slowed down in music tempo, the faster version became known as the 'Quick-Time Foxtrot' or just Quickstep. The first version of this was supposedly done by Frank Ford and Molly Spain at the Star Dance Championships in 1927. The One Step, The March, The Peabody, Black Bottom, Charleston and Fast Foxtrot merged to make the Quickstep dance of today.

Todays Quick step is different than its original namesake. The speed of the dance is around 200 BPMs and is in 4/4 time and is one of the five main ballroom dances. The dance consists of a partner Ballroom hold closed position with almost a running base, hops, skips, flicks, points, Crossing of the feet, Kicks etc. It is a very fun, lively and dynamic dance.


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