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WEST COAST SWING DANCING IN Sherman Oaks CA - West Coast Swing dance lessons


The West Coast Swing consists of six and eight count patterns, which are done in a slot. The woman no longer rocks back as in East Coast swing, but instead she always walks forward on count one. The West Coast Swing is usually done to medium tempo swing music, frequently slower than East Coast swing. However, those who achieve a high skill level in this dance can and do dance it to faster tempo music. The West Coast Swing has no bounce and a very smooth feel. Rarely will you see high kicks or moves which require the dancer to leave the floor in West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is the official dance of the state of California!


West Coast Swing can be traced back to the late 1930’s to clubs in the New York, Harlem area.  Its roots are Lindy Hop and Jitterbug.  By the 1940’s, most dance halls and clubs banned these dances, because too many people would hurt themselves and others with the wild throws, tosses, and kicks. As a result, a smoother dance began to take shape.

Currently, the World Swing Dance Council heads up the government of the competitive side of swing and guides the direction of the dance.  The National Association of Swing Dance Events (NASDE) supports 11 major events each year.  These weekend events feature top level competition, workshops, and exhibitions.  In addition, there are several events around the country that focus more on social dancing.

Today, West Coast Swing styles vary considerably.  At any of the major events, you may see as many as 5-8 styles of swing.  Most of the differences are directly related to geographical area.  Some are very warm and smooth with upright posture while others are sharp and funky.  The commonality among the styles is the ‘play time’ given to the follower to ‘dance’ and, the follower’s ‘walk, walk’ on the first two steps of each pattern.

For more information about West Coast Swing dance lessons in Sherman Oaks CA or to schedule free West Coast Swing dance lessons in Sherman Oaks CA, call (916) 607-0852

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