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The benefits gained from becoming a good dancer are far too numerous to list here. Here are just a few benefits that students have given us most frequently to becoming a good dancer...

- Improved Health And Physical Benefits

- More Fun And Enjoyment Out Of Life

- Recreation Or Entertainment

- Increased Self Confidence

- A Release From Tensions

- Attending And Enjoying More Parties

- Meeting New People And Making New Friends

- A Means Of Expression

- Improved Appearance

- Overcoming Shyness

- Improved Social Life

- Acquiring More Grace And Poise

- Business Reasons

- Self Improvement

- Ease And Assurance Socially

- A Hobby Or Interest

- Admiration From Others

- Relaxation

- Becoming Happier

- A Sense Of Achievement Or Accomplishment

- Increased Popularity

- Increased Conversational Ability

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